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  • Lateral - Police Officer

    City of Gresham - City Hall
    Job Description
    The City of Gresham is currently accepting applications for Lateral Police Officers. This is an open an continuous recruitment process that will be used to full current and future vacancies. The Gresham Police Department is seeking Lateral Police Officers of sound moral character. Gresham Police Officers are expected to be self-disciplined and highly motivated, while demonstrating honesty and integrity in representing the core values of the community. Successful candidates will reinforce the department?s efforts to achieve goals and objectives in providing public safety to the community and its citizens. Position: Gresham Police Officers provide emergency aid, security, and protection of life and property for the citizens of Gresham by patrolling business, rural, and residential areas. They respond to requests for information and assistance, investigate criminal activity, subdue combative suspects, make arrests, work with people to solve problems associated with crime and neighborhood problems, and ensure proper enforcement of laws and regulations. The ideal candidate will have current knowledge and understanding of the following: · Federal, State of Oregon, Multnomah County, and City of Gresham laws, regulations, and ordinances. · Criminal behavior and causes underlying criminality and social, psychological and physical needs of criminals. · Standard police practices, methods, and procedures. · Safety standards, procedures, and precautions utilized in police activities. · Methods of investigation, apprehension, and rules of evidence. · Basic first aid and CPR procedures. · The safe and appropriate use of firearms and other police related equipment. An Ideal candidate will also have the ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing. They will apply principles and techniques of modern crime prevention, investigation, apprehension, rules of evidence, and all other aspects of law enforcement. Be able to skillfully and safely use firearms and other police related equipment while maintaining composure under adverse conditions such as public harassment, critical injuries, and death. An ideal candidate will show how they can establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees, officials, and citizens from a variety of racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds. They will also demonstrate how to effectively analyze situations quickly and objectively and are able to recognize actual and potential dangerous situations, and to determine proper course of action. Ability to present evidence in court effectively. Be able to display a skill in observation and remembering details such as names, faces, and incidents. Police officers need to maintain the physical ability to perform the essential functions of the job, which also includes the physical ability to handle persons resisting arrest. Qualifications: To be considered a lateral applicant you must meet all of the following minimum qualifications: · Have completed a state certified police academy, · Passed a probationary period of not less than one (1) year with a law enforcement agency as a sworn officer. · Have been employed as a full-time sworn officer within the five (5) year period prior to appointment to this position. · Have at least a High School or G.E.D · Be twenty-one years of age at date of hire · Have no felony criminal record · Be a US Citizen at time of hire · Have a driving record that meets the department standards Candidates must have to ability to: · Pass a written exam at a 12th grade level · Pass a pre-suitability assessment screening · Pass a comprehensive background investigation · Pass a post job offer psychological evaluation, medical examination, and drug screen Selection Process: All candidates must apply online. Faxed and emailed resumes, in lieu of an application, will not be accepted or considered. Incomplete applications will also not be considered. Process: 1. Applications will be reviewed as they are received for minimum qualifications. Candidates that meet the minimum qualifications will be asked to submit the Statement of Personal History (SPH). You can begin working on the SPH at any time. You can find the document at www.GreshamOregon.gov/jobs . The SPH will not be accepted until it has been requested by Human Resources. 2. Candidates that pass the preliminary background and SPH review will be invited to an Oral Board interview. You will be contacted through the e-mail address provided on your application to schedule your interview time. Interviews will be scheduled once per month when there is an eligible candidate pool. 3. Candidates that pass the Oral Board interview will be asked to take the Pre-suitability testing. These two multiple choice exams that take 2-3 hours to complete. Out of State candidates can take this test while in town for their oral board. 4. Candidates that pass the Pre-Suitability will be moved into the background phase. Candidates can expect to make at least two trips to the department for this selection process. Once for the oral board interview and pre-suitability testing. A second trip for successful candidates invited to executive interviews will make an additional trip that include the pre-employment psychological exam, and medical/drug screen. We attempt to accomplish multiple tasks during each visit to eliminate additional travel for out of area candidates. For Oregon Lateral Police Officer candidates: Oregon Lateral applicants are not required to take a written test. The City will review applications for minimum qualifications and previous experience to develop a list of best qualified applicants. These applicants will be contacted by Human Resources to schedule an interview. Out of State Lateral Police Officer candidates: Out of State applicants must take a written test or have a Bachelor?s Degree, as required by DPSST. If you need to take the written exam you are responsible for scheduling an appointment with the National Testing Network (www.nationaltestingnetwork.com) prior to be moved into a background. If you need an accommodation due to a disability with the testing process, please make your request in writing and submit it with the required application or contact HR at 503-618-2729. Under Oregon Law, qualified veterans may be eligible for veteran's preference throughout the selection process for a City of Gresham position. If you are a veteran, or disabled veteran, and would like to be considered for veteran's preference for this position, please attach a copy of your DD214/DD215 and copy of Veteran Affairs Department Preference Letter to your application materials. Please direct all questions related to this recruitment process to HR@GreshamOregon.gov or 503-618-2729. For more information on the Gresham Police Department and what opportunities are available within the department, please visit http://greshamoregon.gov/city/city-departments/police-department/jobs/ .
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