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    Monday to Friday, 8:00-5:00 pm

    About Us

    The City of Gresham actively works to expand and create businesses, from small start-ups to national retailers to major manufacturers. The City of Gresham offers a host of fast, friendly business read more
    • About

      The City of Gresham actively works to expand and create businesses, from small start-ups to national retailers to major manufacturers. The City of Gresham offers a host of fast, friendly business resources, including an economic development team providing business retention, expansion, and relocation services to industrial partners; a Small Business Center; free recycling and conservation programs; plus assistance for licensing, permitting, fire inspections, and electronic plan review. Gresham is proud to be one of the most competitive cities to do business in the Portland metro region. For more information call 503-618-2872 or visit GreshamOregon.gov/Work.

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    • Jobs

      Lateral - Police Officer
      Category: Fire, Law Enforcement, and Security
      The City of Gresham is currently accepting applications for Lateral Police Officers. This is an open an continuous recruitment process that will be used to full current and future vacancies. The Gresham Police Department is seeking Lateral Police Officers of sound moral character. Gresham Police Officers are expected to be self-disciplined and highly motivated, while demonstrating honesty and ...read more


      Fleet Parts Specialist
      Category: Transportation and Warehousing

      The City of Gresham is seeking a team player who enjoys working in a busy shop environment to fill an exciting new opportunity as a Fleet Parts Specialist.  This position will manage tools, parts and supplies for the City's Fleet Division which includes heavy equipment, fire equipment and apparatus, police vehicles, as well as a variety of other motorized vehicles. The ...read more


      Facilities Maintenance Tech I or II
      Category: Facilities, Maintenance, and Repair

      The City of Gresham has a rewarding opportunity for a new member of the Facilities Services Division. This position works in a collaborative team environment to repair and maintain City buildings and grounds under the lead direction of the Facilities Maintenance Coordinator.
      The Facilities Maintenance Tech I/II performs a variety of semi-skilled ...read more


      Rental House Inspector/Trainee
      Category: Real Estate
      The City of Gresham is looking for someone to join a team of Rental Housing Inspectors. This person should:

      • Provide Great Customer Service

      • Be able to think through a problem to find a logical solution

      • Work well with a team

      • Work well independently

      • Have a personal commitment to serving the citizens of Gresham.

      We have one opening. ...read more


      Seasonal Public Utility Worker I
      Category: Energy and Utilities

      The City of Gresham is seeking people to work as seasonal Public Utility Worker I's (PUW's) in one of five divisions at the Gresham Operations Center (Parks, Storm water, Transportation, Wastewater and Water). There are many positions open and they will be temporary assignments for three to six months. Work may start as early as March and as late as July ...read more


      Seasonal Public Utility Worker II
      Category: Energy and Utilities

      The City of Gresham is seeking skilled people to work as seasonal Public Utility Worker II's (PUW's) in one of two divisions from the Gresham Operations Center (Transportation and Wastewater). There are many ...read more


      Communications Graphic Designer
      Category: Graphic Arts

      The City of Gresham is looking for a collaborative, creative and motivated Graphic Designer to join the Communications team. The Graphic Designer will partner with the four other members of the team to tell Gresham's story in a compelling and accessible way.

      Come build the future with us
      As Oregon's fourth-largest city, Gresham is ...read more


      Senior Engineer
      Category: Engineering/Design

      The City of Gresham has an exciting opportunity for a Senior Engineer to lead all engineering aspects of our Water Division.  This is a first line supervisory position responsible for overseeing the work of the complete Water Engineering program within the public works environment.  This role supervises the activities of subordinate field, professional and ...read more


    • Whom to Contact

      • Accounts Receivable
        Phone: (503) 618-2373
      • Aaron Abrams
      • John Andersen
      • Shane Bemis
        1333 NW Eastman Parkway
        Gresham, OR 97030
        Phone: (503) 618-2584
        Fax: (503) 665-7692
      • Meghan Borato
        Organics Outreach Specialist
        Phone: (503) 618-2134
      • Jill Bradley
        Phone: (503) 618-3000
        Fax: (503) 665-7692
      • Ric Catron
        Park Planner
        Phone: (503) 618-2747
        Fax: (503) 665-7692
      • Chris Chambers
        Engineering Technician
      • Eric Chambers
        Assistant to the Mayor
        Phone: (503) 618-2584
        Fax: (503) 665-7692
      • Kristin Chiles
        Program Technician
        Phone: (503) 618-2872
        Fax: (503) 618-2333
      • Rebecca Danner
        Administrative Supervisor
      • Tam Driscoll
        Community Relations Manager
        Phone: (503) 618-2623
        Fax: (503) 661-5927
      • Karylinn Echols
        City Council President
        Phone: (503) 618-3000
        Fax: (503) 665-7692
      • Steve Fancher
        Environmental Services Director
        Phone: (503) 618-2583
      • Erika Fitzgerald
        Economic Development Specialist
        Phone: (503) 618-2504
        Fax: (503) 665-7692
      • Robin Franzen-Parker
        Senior Operations Manager
        Phone: (503) 618-2871
        Fax: (503) 665-7692
      • Kirk French
        City Councilor
      • Josh Fuhrer
        Gresham Redevelopment Commission Executive Directo
        Phone: (503) 618-2214
        Fax: (503) 665-7692
      • Rachael Fuller
        Senior Manager, Operations
        Phone: (503) 618-3000
        Fax: (503) 665-7692
      • Ashley Graff
        Recruitment & Retention Specialist
        Phone: (503) 618-2297
      • Teresa Hall
        Council Coordinator
        Phone: (503) 618-3000
      • Jonathan Harker
        Urban Design & Planning Director
      • Jessica Harper
        Phone: (503) 618-2584
      • Cathy Harrington
        Neighborhoods & Community Engagement Director
        Phone: (503) 618-2482
        Fax: (503) 618-2198
      • Gregg Hayward
        Recycling Outreach Specialist
        Phone: (503) 618-2206
      • Jerry Hinton
        City Councilor
        Phone: (503) 618-2871
        Fax: (503) 665-7692
      • Liz Hopkins
        Human Resources
        Phone: (503) 618-3000
        Fax: (503) 665-7692
      • Stacy Humphrey
        Associate Planner
        Phone: (503) 618-2202
      • Nick Isbister
        Community Outreach Specialist
        Phone: (503) 618-2206
        Fax: (503) 661-5927
      • Scott Jury
        Purchasing Agent
        Phone: (503) 618-2376
        Fax: (503) 618-2268
      • Katherine Kelly
        Transportation Planning Manager
        Phone: (503) 618-2110
        Fax: (503) 665-6825
      • Linda Kidby
        Communications Specialist
      • Michelle Kimbel
        Urban Renewal Project Coordinator
        Phone: (503) 618-2216
        Fax: (503) 665-3825
      • Erik Kvarsten
        City Manager
        Phone: (503) 618-2871
        Fax: (503) 665-7692
      • Kelle Landavazo
        Phone: (503) 618-3000
        Fax: (503) 665-7692
      • Wendy Lawton
        Communications Manager
        Phone: (503) 618-2247
      • Cherie Ludwig
        Administrative Assistant
        Phone: (503) 618-2518
        Fax: (503) 661-5927
      • Brian Martin
        Associate Planner
        Phone: (503) 618-2266
      • Greg Matthews
        Fire Chief
        Phone: (503) 618-2355
      • Sharron Monohon
        Budget & Financial Planning Director
        Phone: (503) 618-2890
        Fax: (503) 661-6073
      • Marlene Myers
        Administrative Assistant
        Phone: (503) 618-2640
        Fax: (503) 665-7692
      • Eric Nelson
        Human Resources Analyst
        Phone: (503) 618-3000
        Fax: (503) 665-7692
      • Mario Palmero
        City Councilor
        Phone: (503) 618-3000
        Fax: (503) 665-7692
      • Eric Schmidt
        Phone: (503) 618-2877
      • Bernard Seeger
        Finance & Management Services Director
        Phone: (503) 618-2855
        Fax: (503) 661-6073
      • Shannon Stadey
        Economic Development Director
        Phone: (503) 618-2854
      • Shaunna Sutcliffe
        GREAT Business Conservation Specialist
        Phone: (503) 618-2694
        Fax: (503) 661-5927
      • Keely Thompson
        Water Services Coordinator
        Phone: (503) 618-2668
        Fax: (503) 665-6825
      • Ashley Tjaden
        Recycling and Compost Specialist
      • Tristan Whitehead
        GREAT Business Program
        Phone: (503) 618-2203
        Fax: (503) 661-5927