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2020 General Election Endorsements

Candidate Endorsements

The endorsement process is multi-level and the chamber members take their responsibility seriously devoting hours of personal time to make the best decisions possible. They start from the point of view “Who will champion economic health in our region?”

Recommendations are made by the Gresham Chamber Government Affairs council proceeded by a formal vote from the Board of Directors. The following candidates have been endorsed by the Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce:

Sec of State: Kim Thatcher
State Senate District 25 Justin Hwang
State Representative District 52 Jeff Helfrich
Gresham Mayor Travis Stovall
Gresham City Council Position 1 Jerry Hinton
Gresham City Council Position 5 Sue Piazza
Troutdale Mayor Randy Lauer

Neutral Decision: Government Affairs Council chose to stay neutral in this race

Gresham City Council Position 3 Raymond Love

The Gresham Area Chamber candidate endorsement process starts with a questionnaire. All candidates who filed received a questionnaire and multiple reminders of the due date.

The following candidates were sent the information and were asked but DID NOT submit a questionnaire therefore DID NOT SEEK an endorsement from our Chamber membership.

Sec of State candidate: Shemia Fagan
State Senate candidate: Chris Gorsek
State Representative candidates: Diego Hernandez, Ryan Gardner, Zack Hudson, Ricki Ruiz, Janelle Bynum, Jane Hayes

Gresham Mayor candidates: Eddy Morales, Nick Switzer
Gresham City Council candidates:

Position 1: Dina DiNucci
Position 3: Vincent Jones-Dixon, Brianna Harris, Matthew Burnett
Position 5: Stella Armstrong, Thomas Stanley

Troutdale Mayor: David Ripma