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Gresham Safety Levy Measure 26-239

The Gresham Safety Levy, Measure 26-239, has the full support of the Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce. The importance of public safety to the creation of jobs, a thriving economy, and a community is well known. Proposition 26-239 stabilizes the City of Gresham's finances while bringing transparency, new police and fire officers, resources for those dealing with homelessness and mental health challenges, and more.

Vote YES on Gresham Safety Levy Measure 26-239

  • Adds police to address the unacceptable rising rate of crime.
  • Ensures 24-7 emergency response by Fire and Police Departments
  • Restores teams to traffic, homeless services, and neighborhood enforcement.
  • Sets up dedicated levy fund with community oversight holding government accountable for where money is being spent.
  • Professional staff additions for homelessness and those experiencing mental health crisis

We advise voting YES. Even while higher taxes aren't always welcome by businesses, spending money on public safety is pretty much as fundamental as it gets. We cannot allow the standard of living to decline in a competitive regional environment. Families and companies are drawn to our community by its livability. When livability, and particularly safety, declines, families and businesses seek to relocate to safer areas.

We advise voting YES. A secure environment is necessary for businesses to invest, grow, or locate in our region. In terms of regional economic growth, we are at a turning moment. The approval of this legislation will be a signal that we are open for business.

We advise voting YES. Families and workers of business owners live, work, and attend school in Gresham. In the end, the standard of all the services our city offers is related to safety.

We advise voting YES. To remain in Gresham, businesses must remain profitable and competitive. It entails repeated investments. This fee encourages businesses to reinvest, hire more staff, and improve customer services while making Gresham safer.

Where the money is intended to be spent has been given priority by Measure 26-239. The legislation provides funding for fire and police departments as well as homeless programs. The proposal funds 26 additional police personnel, which is a much-needed boost to the understaffed department. The legislation will provide funding for sixteen more firefighters. Moreover, a watchdog committee is formed as part of the Public Safety measure for oversight. Measure 26-239 will have an impact on the entire area, but Gresham is open for business and has made everyone's safety a top priority. That is a cordial greeting to our neighbors. And a relief and a breath of fresh air for Gresham's companies and citizens.

The Gresham Area Chamber of Business is firmly in favor of passing Measure 26-239.