Business and Leaders Luncheons

Government Affairs

The Government Affairs Council holds monthly forums on topics pertinent to the business community and government relations.

Luncheons are on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.  Click here to preview and register.

August 20, 2019 Business & Leaders Luncheon

Topic: Legislative Wrap Up... What's behind us? What's Ahead?
Speakers:  Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson & Representative Christine Drazen

July 16, 2019 Business & Leaders Luncheon

Topic: Willamette Falls Makes a SPLASH in Gresham!
Speaker:  Andrew Mason

June 18, 2019 Business & Leaders Luncheon

Topic: Growth Expectations on Land, Air, and Sea
Speakers:  Jayson Shanafelt

Business & Leaders Luncheon on May 21, 2019

Topic: The State of Education
Speakers:  Dr. Katrise Perera and Dr. Danna Diaz

Business & Leaders Luncheon on April 16, 2019

Topic: Roads and Bridges... Where do we go from here?
Speaker:  John Charles, President and CEO of Cascade Policy Institute

Business & Leaders Luncheon on March 19, 2019

Topic: Interview with Mayor Bemis
Speakers:  Mayor Bemis and Lynn Snodgrass

Business & Leaders Luncheon on February 19, 2019

Topic: The Low Carbon Future
Speakers:  Kimberly Heiting, NW Natural

Business & Leaders Luncheon on December 18, 2018

Topic: Interview a Portland Icon
Speakers:  Craig Wessel, Publisher of the Portland Business Journal

Business & Leaders Luncheon on October 16, 2018

Topic: Candidate Forum
Speakers:  Local and State Candidates

Business & Leaders Luncheon on September 18, 2018

Topic: Metro Housing Bond
Speakers:  Metro Councilor, Shirley Craddick and Andy Duyck of Affordable Oregon

Business & Leaders Luncheon on August 21, 2018

Topic: If You Need the Drug, Can Your Afford It?
Speaker:  Dave Hunt, Sr. VP for Government Affairs, Strategies 360 Oregon

Business & Leaders Luncheon on July 17, 2018

Topic: Major League Baseball to PDX?
Speaker:  Dr. Lynn Lashbrook

Business & Leaders Luncheon on May 15, 2018

Speaker: Maria Pope, CEO of PGE

Business & Leaders Luncheon on April 17, 2018

Topic: What's Up With Metro

Speakers: Lynn Peterson, Metro Chair Candidate and Shirley Craddick, Metro Councilor

Business & Leaders Luncheon on January 16, 2018

Topic: Cap & Trade? Carbon Limiting? Carbon Pollution? Cap & Invest

Speakers: JL Wilson of Public Affairs Counsel and Rebecca Carey-Smith of Portland General Electric