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Element Six Gresham Oregon

Element Six

We're starting 2021 with a Diamond Speaker. 

Adam O’Grady, General Manager of Element 6

Adam O’Grady, General Manager of Element 6

Tuesday, January 19th, 2021

11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Element Six has brought Diamonds to Gresham

Element Six is a $94 Million dollar, 60,000 sq/ft facility in Gresham producing synthetic diamonds chemically identical to naturally mined diamonds.  The London based company is part of the DeBeers Group, manufacturing diamonds for Lightbox Jewelry.  Did Covid19 impact the brand new Gresham employer or the diamond industry in general? International complications?  What does the future look like? What partnerships are necessary for the diamond business?  Where is Element 6 in their phased in business plan?

Who is Element Six?

Element Six has built a large beautiful new facility that allows them to create synthetic diamonds as part of the DeBeers Group.  Established in 1888, the De Beers Group is the world’s leading diamond company with expertise in the exploration, mining and marketing of diamonds.

Element Six COVID Response in Gresham (1)

How has Covid Impacted the diamond industry?

Hear it directly from the General Manager of Element Six located in Gresham, Oregon. Learn how it has impacted it as a new local employer.

Where is Element 6 in their phased in business plan?

Prior to the emersion of the pandemic Element Six was on track with their business plan to grow and thrive in the Gresham community.  What is expected for the upcoming 2021 year?  Are their opportunities for local Gresham area businesses to provide goods and services?

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