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This Summer – Alaska is open for travel

C.P. Trips, Inc - Owner Cindy Passannante and her team of Travel Professionals's specialize in Vacation and Travel planning for soft and high adventures, family Gatherings, Vacations of your Dreams

Travel is an option for the 2021 summer!

New Guided Hikes in Anchorage - No matter how you arrive into Anchorage - be it plane, train or car -- it is impossible not to notice the mountains at your doorstep.  They are the Chugach, and within them lie some of Anchorage's best outdoor recreational opportuities.


There are good hikes for every skill level:

  • Flora & Fauna Nature Walk - An easy two miles and perfect for all ages, you will see one of Anchorage's most magical waterfalls.
  • Valley & Forest Hike - Just 30 minutes from Anchorage you can explore a scenic mountain valley.  Moderate hike, 4 miles with beautiful scenery and a nicely established trail.
  • Alpine Classic Trek - Head high above Anchorage on this mountaintop hike.  It is Strenuous, five miles but is the top pick for active travelers in search of the most rewarding views.

A perfect option for your summer adventure with your family - before or after a cruise (now that they are starting to open these cruises) ....


Cindy Passannante, President

C.P. Trips, Inc. 

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