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Testimonial for The Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce

Al Nodarse

"Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce is the largest "business first" organization advocating for the advancement of business and community in the east county region. Their mission is to advocate, educate and collaborate. They get an A+ in all three areas."

Al Nodarse, BBSI, Chamber Board Treasurer

Advocate. Educate. Collaborate.

The Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce is valuable for local businesses and non-profits of all sizes and industries.   We are lucky in the Gresham area to have such a robust chamber with an inviting culture.  The Gresham Area Chamber provides access to valuable resources, discounts, and encourages relationships and collaboration.

Joining the chamber can boost your sales and significantly improves your local business's visibility and credibility within our community.

A study conducted by the Shapiro Group found that consumers were 49% more likely to think favorably of a business if they are a member of a chamber of commerce.

Joining the Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce is a straightforward process.  Start with an easy application and reach out to one of the Membership Managers for more information.