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2022 Election Endorsements

2022 Gresham Area Campaign Endorsements

Labor Commissioner:  Cheri Helt

State Senate #26:  Daniel Bonham

State Representative #49:  Randy Lauer

State Representative #52:  Jeff Helfrich

Multnomah County Chair:  Dr. Sharon Meieran

Gresham Mayor:  Travis Stovall

Gresham City Council, Position 2:  Cathy Keathley

Gresham City Council, Position 4:  Jerry Hinton

Gresham City Council, Position 6:  Janine Gladfelter


Candidates who received but did not return questionnaire: Kimberly Rice, Ricki Ruiz, Amelia Salvador, Walt Trandum, James Heib, Darcy Lund, Tom Stanley, Amanda Orozco-Beach, Mario Palmero, Eddy Morales.

Process for endorsement consideration:

Questionnaire is sent to candidates with deadline for return.

Only candidates who return questionnaires are considered for endorsement.

After review and or interview, Government Affairs Council makes recommendations to Board.

Board votes on recommendations. 

Chamber membership is not criteria for endorsement.