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Discover the benefits of Oregon Saves

Help your employees build financial security with Oregon Saves.  As businesses work to recover from the financial impact of COVID-19, their employees are looking for benefits that give them more financial security. In fact, 51% of Americans have increased concern about their retirement due to the pandemic.

Prior to the launch of OregonSaves, roughly half of Oregon’s workforce—an estimated one million workers—lacked access to a workplace retirement savings option.2 OregonSaves was created by law to meet this urgent need.

What is OregonSaves?

OregonSaves is the state of Oregon’s retirement savings program that provides workers with an easy and automatic way to save for retirement at work. Contributions are made through payroll deductions into a Roth IRA (after tax) that follows the saver throughout their career.
Oregon businesses of all sizes will be required to register for OregonSaves in 2023 if they don’t already offer a qualified retirement savings plan. The good news? OregonSaves is an added benefit to offer your employees and comes at no cost to you. OregonSaves is a popular benefit and the simple program administration leaves you free to run your business. Registration is fast, easy, and secure.

OregonSaves can benefit your business.

• Free for employers and easy to facilitate
• Funded by employee contributions
• Can help you attract and retain employees
• Works smoothly with your payroll process
• Available to all businesses


Join the 17,000+ employers offering OregonSaves.

The Employee Benefit Research Institute found a direct correlation between employers offering financial wellness initiatives and increased employee productivity and satisfaction.


Help your employees save for a secure retirement.

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2. “OregonSaves Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines for Small Business Owners.” Accessed August 4, 2021.
3. Hypothetical example is based on a monthly contribution of $150 for 40 years, at a 6% projected annual rate of return, compounded daily. Note this is just an example based on a retirement age of 65, your actual savings may be more or less.
4. Craig Copeland, “2020 EBRI Financial Wellbeing Employer Survey: COVID-19 Driving Benefit Offerings and Potentially Forcing Tough Budget Decisions,” EBRI Issue Brief, no. 515 (Employee Benefit Research Institute, October 22, 2020).

OregonSaves is overseen by the Oregon Retirement Savings Board. Sumday Administration, LLC (“Sumday”) is the program administrator. Sumday and its affiliates are responsible for day-to-day program operations. Participants saving through OregonSaves beneficially own and have control over their Roth IRAs, as provided in the program offering set out at

OregonSaves’ Portfolios offer investment options selected by the Oregon Retirement Savings Board. For more information on OregonSaves’ Portfolios go to Account balances in OregonSaves will vary with market conditions and are not guaranteed or insured by the Oregon Retirement Savings Board, the State of Oregon, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) or any other organization.

OregonSaves is a completely voluntary retirement program. Saving through a Roth IRA will not be appropriate for all individuals. Employer facilitation of OregonSaves should not be considered an endorsement or recommendation by your employer of OregonSaves, Roth IRAs or these investments. Roth IRAs are not exclusive to OregonSaves and can be obtained outside of the program and contributed to outside of payroll deduction. Contributing to an OregonSaves Roth IRA through payroll deduction offers some tax benefits and consequences. You should consult your tax or financial advisor if you have questions related to taxes or investments.

The OregonSaves mark and OregonSaves logo are registered trademarks of the Oregon Retirement Savings Board and may not be used without permission.

• OregonSaves makes it easy to save, with automatic payroll contributions to a Roth IRA.
• The default savings rate is 5% of gross pay; employees can change the rate at any time.
• Participation is voluntary. If no action is taken, employees will be auto enrolled. Employees can opt out or back into the program at any time.
• Employee accounts are portable and remain with the worker, even if they change jobs.
• Employees can access helpful FAQs and other tools to help them reach their financial goals.