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The Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce has an active Government Affairs Council that brings the voice of business to the table to identify, evaluate, and recommend positions to the Gresham Area Chamber Board of Directors on issues and opportunities which may impact the health of the business community and the economic stability of our region.  Our advocacy supports businesses of all sizes and types.

Endorsement Process

The Government Affairs Council (GAC), a standing committee of the Chamber of Commerce, has developed and follows a methodical, complete process in order to endorse candidates. We promote community awareness and engagement on issues impacting our community.  The goal being to determine the best candidates who will advocate for business and who will work with the Chamber to accomplish business goals.

Candidate Process

Currently general election candidates who have filed and qualified for state and city positions within the Gresham and surrounding areas are sent a questionnaire. The GAC determines what races will be considered and are sent questionnaires. Not all races need to be considered each cycle. Only those candidates who fill out and return the questionnaire proceed to the interview process.

The interview process is face to face with members of the GAC. After all of the candidates have been interviewed, endorsement recommendations are made by the GAC, sent to the Executive Board and then the full Board of Directors for endorsement vote.

What qualities are we looking for? The GAC is looking for candidates with business knowledge, understanding, vision and the ability to articulate each of those areas. Candidates do not have to be a Chamber member to get the endorsement of the Chamber. Likewise, being a member does not assure an endorsement. Electability may be considered in the deliberation process.

The process is fair, strong, and reliable. Running for office requires honesty, knowledge and a public servant heart.

Ballot Measures & Issues

The Government Affairs Council prioritizes potential ballot measures and legislative issues.  The Government Affairs Council researches all sides of pertinent issues then makes recommendations for Board consideration.

Candidate Gresham Area Election 2022 Endorsements

For a candidate endorsement form, please contact Lynn Snodgrass.