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Business Excellence Awards

YOU ARE A GREAT BUSINESS.  And you know many others that are great as well.

We look forward to seeing you at the event!

The Gresham Area Business Excellence Award 2022 Winners

Small Business: The SDF Collective | Medium Business:  Moen Machinery | Large Business:  Cascade Athletic Club | Family Business:  Sugar Cubed | Nonprofit:  100+ Women Who Care East County | Volunteer:  Lori Stahlman | Rising Star:  Brian York | Honoree: Bess Wills

Thank you to our 2024 event sponsors:

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Past Recipients:

2022 Winners

Large Business:  Cascade Athletic Club
Medium Business:  Moen Machinery
Small Business: The SDF Collective
Family-Owned Business:  Sugar Cubed
Honoree: Bess Wills
Volunteer of the Year:  Lori Stahlman
Nonprofit:  100+ Women Who Care East County
Rising Star:  Brian York

2021 Winners
Large Business: Tokola Properties
Medium Business:  All About Automotive
Small Business:  Healing Treasures Massage, LLC
Family-Owned Business:  U.S. World Class Taekwondo
Honoree:  Shane Bemis
Volunteer of the Year:  Brad Roe
Non-Profit:  Tsuru Island  - Gresham Japanese Garden
Try Local:  Kayla Brown, Sugar Cubed
Rising Star:  Rudy Loeza
Exceptional Mission: The City of Gresham

2020 Winners
Large Business: The Boeing Company
Medium Business:  Gresham Ford
Small Business:  Whites Country Meats
Family-Owned Business:  Leathers Fuels
Honoree:  Shane Bemis
Volunteer of the Year:  Sue Piazza
Non-Profit:  The Rotary Club of Gresham
Try Local:  Shannon Chisom
Rising Star:  Colin Rath (Migration Brewing)

Exceptional Mission: The Gresham Reads Program, Alix Bemis

2019 Winners
Large Business: FedEx Ground
Medium Business: Clackamas County Bank - Gresham
Small Business: State Farm - Rob Hendrickson Agency
Family-Owned Business: SERVPRO of Gresham
Honoree: Greg Matthews
Volunteer of the Year: Bruce Montgomery
Non-Profit: Gresham Elks Lodge #1805
Try Local: Judy Wylie
Rising Star: David Ligatich

Rotary Ethics: Gresham Women's Shelter

2018 Winners
Large Business: Gresham Fire Department
Medium Business: Gresham Animal Hospital
Small Business: Stamp Connection
Family-Owned Business: Burns Feed Store
Honoree: Jan Weston
Volunteer of the Year: Joan Albertson
Non-Profit: MetroEast Community Media
Try Local: Gresham-Barlow School District
Rising Star: Michelle Kosta

2017 Winners
Large Business: On Semiconductor
Medium Business: Riverview Community Bank
Small Business: Focus Branding
Family-Owned Business: Powell Valley Assisted Living and Memory Care
Honoree: Warner Allen
Volunteer of the Year: Judy Han
Non-Profit: Greater Gresham
Try Local: Gresham Grocery Outlet
Rising Star: Kayla Viramontes

2015 Winners
Large Business: Microchip Technology Inc.
Medium Business: Skyland Pub
Small Business: Chase Me Again
Family-Owned Business: Weston Buick GMC Kia
Honoree: Christy Kinsey
Volunteer of the Year: Patrick Krautscheid
Non-Profit: My Father's House
Try Local: My Father's House
Rising Star: Adam Reid

2014 Winners
Large Business: Mt. Hood Hospital
Small Business: Origins Coffee
Honoree: Karen Johnston
Volunteer of the Year: Connie Fort
Non-Profit: Birch Community Services
Try Local: Gresham-Barlow School District

2013 Winners
Large Business: Microchip Technology Inc.
Small Business: U.S. World Class Taekwondo
Honoree: Carol Cate
Volunteer of the Year: Holiday Community Outreach
Non-Profit: Human Solutions
Try Local: Apollo Drain & Rooter Service Inc.

2012 Winners
Large Business: Adventist Health
Small Business: Riverview Community Bank
Honoree: Sue Piazza
Volunteer of the Year: Ed Hoover
Non-Profit: SnowCap Community Charities