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RESOURCES for Gresham Area Businesses

Gresham Area COVID Resources

*Earlier this week, Governor Brown announced a statewide masking mandate for indoor spaces to slow the spread of the COVID Delta variant. 

Effective August 13th, 2021 masks must be worn in indoor spaces, broadly defined as: public and private workplaces, businesses, indoor areas open to the public, building lobbies, common or shared spaces, classrooms, elevators, bathrooms, transportation services and other indoor space where people may gather for any purpose. An indoor space does not include a private residence or a private automobile being used for personal use and that is not used for ride sharing.  See more details from the State of Oregon Newsroom.
City of Gresham Offices
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Gresham Small Business Technical Assistance

City of Gresham Oregon

Services are being provided online or by phone

Even though City Hall is closed to walk-in customers, the city is still working for you.

Learn what the City of Gresham is doing

Emergency Action to Protect Local Restaurants

The CIty of Gresham has taken emergency action to protect struggling local restaurants from onerous delivery commission fees.

Original Press Release

Small Business Technical Assistance

City staff are tracking the state, federal and private resources to help small businesses during this difficult time. Contact our Small Business Technical Assistance Team for information about these resources, or assistance preparing the required forms at or 503-618-2115.

Gresham Hires

If you're looking for employees during this time of massive layoffs, we invite you to post if you have jobs right now with the minimum qualifications. Share this page with your friends who have recently been laid off to help connect with employers with job openings at

Multnomah County Covid Resources for Gresham Businesses
Reopening Multnomah County businesses after Covid
Business Tools from Multnomah County
What to do if an employee tests positive for COVID in Gresham Area

Reopening Multnomah County

Opening with care

What extreme risk means for businesses (Dec 17th, 2020)


Multnomah County Guidelines for Reopening

Business Tools and Guidance

Be compliant with updated signs and posters.  Find COVID guidance and resources for your Gresham Area business.

Updated December 8th, 2020

What to do when an employee tests positive?


(updated December 1st, 2020)


Oregon Health Authority COVID Updates
Insurance and Finance Services for Oregon Consumers
National Return to Work Plan

Illness and Vaccine Updates

The Oregon Health Authority is healthcare information hub for the State of Oregon.  Browse the situation dashboard with the latest numbers and clear interpretation.

COVID Updates from the Oregon Health Authority

COVID Insurance & Financial Services

The COVID-19 emergency orders that were issued during the COVID-19 pandemic expired in September 2020. However, protections remain in place for Oregonians.

View Emergency Orders for Consumers

US Chamber of Commerce

Implementing a National Return to Work Plan.

Learn More about the National Return to Work Plan

Federal COVID Resource Slider
National Return to Work Plan
Gresham Oregon Small Business
Disaster Loan Assistance for Small Businesses in Gresham

Disaster Loan Assistance

Federal disaster loans for businesses, private non-profits, homeowners, and renters.  Coronavirus relief options and additional resources are available.

Relief Options from the Small Business Administration

US Chamber of Commerce

Guide to Small Business COVID-19 Emergency Loans

Changes to PPP and More (Dec 22nd, 2020)


Expanded Employee Retention Tax Credit


Fast direct economic assistance is possible with the CARES Act.  Designed to serve assistance to both families and small businesses.

Learn More about the Cares Act from US Dept of Treasury

Health Resources

Latest COVID News and Updates

Still have questions?

Just ask.  We are here to help and support Gresham Area business.