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  • Emerging Professionals

  • Learn. Build. Grow.

    Cultivate your career, further your future. Emerging Professionals East County, a new group aiming to enhance opportunities for promising young leaders who will drive our area toward a better future.

    It all starts with creating an environment to support the next generation of leaders. We need more courageous entrepreneurs creating jobs and building businesses. We need more passionate politicians who'll advocate for better resources from the county and Metro. We need more innovative educators who will never stop supporting our children.

    How can we build up this next generation? By helping our future leaders to learn, build, grow and become true advocates for a strong regional economy. Please attend, and help this group thrive by volunteering to be a one-on-one mentor, serving on its Council of Advisors and encouraging promising East County area residents to attend.

    The Emerging Professionals of East County focuses on:

    • Personal Development
    • Civic Philanthropy
    • Building Career Networks


    Through events, mentorship and online resources, members will gain lifelong skills, valuable connections and stronger community kinship. The focus is on learning each member's unique goals and challenges, and then providing the tools and resources needed to overcome hurdles and reach new heights.

    The Emerging Professionals group meets the third Wednesday of the month at 5:30 pm.

    Contact Angela Trambitas for more information about the Emerging Professionals group.