• Policy Statements

  • The Chamber’s advocacy work is focused on initiatives concerning land use, transportation, economic development, education and workforce and taxation.

    The Chamber supports the adequate supply of commercial and industrial land and eliminating barriers to development. This is critical to commercial development and commerce. We encourage state and local governments to create incentives for economic development by streamlining permit processes with a consistent and reasonable application of state and local land use laws.

    The Chamber supports investment in an efficient and well-maintained transportation system, which is vital to the health of our region’s economy. To support the needs and growth of the region, transportation objectives must foster the movement of consumers and freight for commerce, a healthy business climate, safe passage and promote economic development.

    The Chamber supports legislation and regulation that enhances and encourages sustainable economic development. The Chamber is opposed to legislation or regulation that encumbers economic expansion.

    The Chamber advocates for adequate funding and responsible spending in education; supports investment and collaborative partnerships to provide a strong workforce development system for regional economic development; and strives to maintain a strong and vibrant relationship with our region’s school districts.

    Taxes should be levied only for the purpose of maintaining essential government services with the least detrimental effect on economic vitality. Careful consideration should be given to the relationship of federal, state, regional and local tax assessments.

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