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Retirement Seminars

Social Security Strategies Seminar

Get answers to critical questions about your social security benefits, retirement income, and financial planning issues. Learn:

  • What factors play a role in Social Security decisions
  • What are the common mistakes many retirees make
  • How to determine your Social Security break-even point
  • When to take Social Security benefits
  • How best to integrate Social Security benefits into a sound financial plan
  • How to coordinate regular and spousal Social Security
  • What the Social Security Benefits Calculator doesn’t tell you and more…

Tuition is $49.00. You may bring your spouse or a guest at no extra cost. You may pay in advance by registering online now or you can pay at the classroom with cash or check only. No credit cards can be accepted at the classroom.

Social Security Mt Hood CC Wednesday October 23 - 6:15pm – 8:45pm – Room AC 1710 - Click here to register!

Social Security Mt Hood CC Saturday October 26 - 10:00am – 12:30pm – Room AC 1710 - Click here to register!

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