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State of Oregon COVID Resource Slider

State of Oregon COVID Resources

Coronavirus restriction updates, resources, and information from the State of Oregon.  

Recovering from the Pandemic in the State of Oregon

The State of Oregon is providing a wide variety of resources and information to serve both the residents and businesses that call this state home.  Browse these tools created to help you not only overcome but thrive in the Gresham area.

State of Oregon Resources for COVID Recovery

Illness and Vaccine Updates

The Oregon Health Authority is healthcare information hub for the State of Oregon.  Browse the situation dashboard with the latest numbers and clear interpretation.  See the progress of vaccinations and more.

COVID Updates from the Oregon Health Authority

COVID Insurance & Financial Services

The COVID-19 emergency orders that were issued during the COVID-19 pandemic expired in September 2020. However, protections remain in place for Oregonians.

View Emergency Orders for Consumers

Oregon's COVID Risk Levels

View the current risk levels for the State of Oregon for each county accompanied by the associated metrics.

See Risk Levels by County